3T Exploro Ultra Frameset Copper

3T Huippu-uutuus!

Gravelrunko äärimmäiseen gravelajoon, johon mahtuu aina 55-61mm renkaat! (650B). Äärimmäisen rengastilavuuden lisäksi runko on aerodynaaminen, jotta voidaan helposti pitää yllä maantienopeuksia. Jos et aja äärimmäisissä olosuhteissa ja maastossa voit laittaa alle 700c kiekot ja aina 45mm renkaat (WAM)

Tuotetta ei ole varastossa eikä myytävänä.

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Frame: Exploro ULTRA

Frame Material: Unidirectional pre-preg carbon, High-modulus/high-strength performance blend layup

Fork: Fango Ultra w/ compact crown

Headset: Integrated headset, sealed cartridge 1-1/8″+1.5″, 36°

Seatpost: 3T round seatpost – Zero offset


Realfast Aerodynamics:

The Ultra was our most difficult aerodynamic challenge to date. Start with massive 55-61mm tires and then make the bike aero. There’s nothing we can do about the tires, they’re big and the knobs don’t help. What we can do is take the airflow mess that comes off the front wheel and try to catch and redirect it. That’s why you will see the 60mm wide downtube placed closely behind the front wheel, going even wider as it gets closer to the BB.

Blending this into the headtube with an off-center aero profile along with loads of other tricks gives you a bike that feels so much faster than your brain can compute. Because let’s be honest, when you see those tires, your brain gets ready for that slow, boring paved performance of a mountain bike. But thanks to your riding position, the aerodynamics, the BB stiffness and the narrow Q-factor, the Ultra actually feels 100% like a road bike when you want to go fast. Even when muddy.



The RaceMax frameset is is fastest with 35-42mm WAM tires. That’s when its top speed rivals the best road bikes out there. So whether you’re on asphalt, easy or tougher gravel, you can be sure you have the fastest setup. But depending on where you ride and how fast you ride, you may want an even bigger tire for ultimate traction and control. Good news: 90% of the aerodynamic advantage of the RaceMax frameset still works with tires up to 61mm WAM.

In a way, the Ultra is the reverse. It is aerodynamically optimized for 55-61mm WAM tires thanks to its wider downtube near the front tire. This extra width better redirects the air coming off a bigger front tire. If you prefer a smaller tire, you can run a 700c tire up to a 46mm WAM. But as you go to a smaller tire, the Racemax becomes the faster choice again. In addition, the Ultra combines its aero seattube with a round seatpost so you can fit a standard, dropper or suspension post.

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